Paying for college can be confusing, but 在线赌博推荐 makes it simple! 

Your education is an investment to last a lifetime. 在线赌博推荐的财政援助办公室致力于与您合作,以确保符合条件的资金,使您能够实现自己的目标. 

A few things you should know before getting started:

  • You have to apply for financial aid each academic year.
  • 你必须被录取(正式接受)进入一个符合经济援助条件的项目(16个学分或更多). 
  • Every matriculated student could be eligible for federal aid.


CCNSH的承诺计划帮助N.H. students who qualify based on financial need by bridging the gap between grants, 奖学金, 以及新罕布什尔州所有7所社区学院的学费和所需的综合费用.

联系财政援助603-230-4013 看看你是否符合资格.


每个学期,数千美元的奖学金和助学金都没有得到回报,仅仅是因为没有人申请! In some cases, all these funds need is one qualified applicant. 不要低估奖学金和助学金在帮助抵消在线赌博推荐学费方面的重要性和便利性. 

作为一名在线赌博推荐学生, 你可以通过一个单一的申请申请在线赌博推荐广泛的奖学金名单!

Click HERE for a list of 奖学金 and grants!

You may be eligible for work-study opportunities at 在线赌博推荐 if you have documented financial need and checked the box on the FAFSA form for work study. 

一旦你被批准,你可以访问任何数量的校园部门,随时寻求帮助. These include 学生生活, 校园安全, and 体育运动 – and they pay $14/hour!

联系财政援助603-230-4013 看看你是否符合资格. 如果你是州内学生, you may be eligible for state-funded 社区 College Work-Study funding. 

联邦直接斯塔福德贷款 are fixed-rate student loans that do not require you to make any payments until 6 months after you leave college or reduce your course load below 6 credit hours.

Parents’ Loan for Under研究生 Students (PLUS) allows parents of dependent students to borrow in their own name through the Federal Direct Loan Program to help meet educational expenses. 点击这里了解更多信息:

私人教育贷款 may be available to you once you have exhausted all federal and state aid options. 考虑一个 私人教育贷款.

Cohort default rate is the percentage of a school’s borrowers who enter repayment on certain Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program or William D. 福特联邦直接贷款(直接贷款)计划在特定联邦财政年度(FY)内的贷款, Oct. 1至9月. 30, 并且在接下来的第二个财政年度结束之前违约或满足其他规定的条件. The U.S. Department of Education releases official cohort default rates once per year. The 在线赌博推荐 most recent cohort default rate/repayment rate is 2.0%.


您的FAFSA将自动通过电子邮件发送给在线赌博推荐. Our 金融援助 Office will review it to determine your eligibility for funding. Some students may be randomly selected for verification. If you are selected, you’ll receive an email and or letter from the 金融援助 Office.


As a guide for early college financial planning, 如果你是第一次攻读本科学位的全日制学生,这个工具提供了参加在线赌博推荐的净成本估算. 


Please note that the following section was taken directory from the CCSNH学生资助手册.

The 金融援助 Office is required by federal regulations to periodically review financial aid recipients to ensure that they are making academic progress towards the completion of their program of study. Satisfactory academic progress for financial aid recipients is measured by both qualitative and quantitative standards and is an assessment of a student’s cumulative academic record while in attendance at the institution.

(CGPA) Component: Must have earned the required CGPA at the
Rate) Component: Must complete at least 67% of the credits
Frame Component: Must complete the program of study within 150% of the time frame allowed

在一般情况下, coursework that is taken while in attendance at the CCSNH institution is considered when reviewing a student’s academic record for satisfactory academic progress. 然而,也有一些例外. Please see the section on Treatment of Repeated 课程, 审计的课程, 不完整的, 发展/补救课程, 英语作为第二语言课程(ESOL), 考试学分, Non-punitive成绩, 通过/失败的成绩, 、取款.

Qualitative Standard – Cumulative GPA (CGPA) Component

为了取得令人满意的学业进展,学生必须保持如下所述的最低累积平均成绩. GPA计算器可在

Quantitative Standard – Pace (Completion Rate Component) and Maximum Time Frame Component


  • 进度(完成率部分): 学生必须完成他/她在大学在线赌博推荐生涯中所修总学分的至少67%, 四舍五入到最接近的百分数. 所有尝试的学分,包括转学学分,都将包括在定量计算中. 例如, a student who has attempted 36 credits at the college must earn credit for at least 24 credits in order to meet the requirements of satisfactory academic progress.
  • 最长时间框架组件: In order to be eligible for federal student aid, students must complete the program of study within 150% of the time frame allowed. 例如, 参加60学分学位课程的学生必须在超过90学分之前完成课程. Developmental and remedial classes may be excluded from the 150% calculation. 在招生, 一旦确定学生不能在标准课程长度的150%内毕业,就会被开除, 财政援助将被暂停. Students may be identified and suspended as they reach the 150% time limit, 但该学院也理解有些情况,比如申请第二个或更高的学位, 换专业, or the non-applicability of transfer credit that could result in a student needing a reset of the 定量-最长时间 Frame Component. 例如, 对于换专业的学生, 只有已完成的与新课程相关的课程才能算在最长时间内.

一旦它变得明显,学生将无法在最长的时间内完成他们的在线赌博推荐课程, 要么低于进度标准,要么尝试完成在线赌博推荐课程所需的150%学分, the student becomes ineligible for Title IV aid.



The qualitative and quantitative standards of the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy will be used to review the academic progress for all periods of the student’s enrollment. 即使学生没有获得联邦学生资助的时期也将包括在审查中. 另外, periods for which the student was 获得在线赌博推荐特赦 will be included in the review.


The 金融援助 Office of the CCSNH institution will evaluate a financial aid recipient’s satisfactory academic progress upon completion of each semester within the academic year of the program the student is enrolled in.


  • 学业进展满意(SAP): Standards Students who meet SAP standards will be coded as making Satisfactory Academic Progress and will retain eligibility for federal student aid for the next semester of enrollment.
  • 学业进展满意(SAP)警告:不符合SAP标准的学生将被放置一个学期的SAP警告. 被列入SAP警告的学生将在警告学期保留获得联邦学生援助的资格. At the end of the warning period, SAP standards will be reviewed. 如果学生符合SAP标准, he/she will be coded as making Satisfactory Academic Progress and retain eligibility for federal student aid for the next semester of enrollment. If the student is still unable to meet SAP standards, 在他/她能够达到SAP标准或获得缓刑之前,他/她将没有资格获得该机构的联邦学生援助.
  • 学业进展满意(SAP)停学:如果学生在他/她的警告期后仍然不能达到SAP标准, he/she will be ineligible for federal student aid at the institution until he/she is able to meet SAP standards or has been granted Probation.
  • 学业进展满意(SAP) Probation: 没有资格获得联邦学生援助的学生可以提出上诉,要求对该决定进行审查. If the appeal is granted, a student is assigned Probation status. 一般, 如果学生需要超过一个学期才能重新获得经济援助资格,那么他/她必须有一个在线赌博推荐计划. During Probation, the student is eligible to receive federal student aid.


没有资格获得联邦学生援助的学生可以提出上诉,要求对该决定进行审查. 学生申诉请求和任何证明文件或学位审计必须提交给财政援助办公室. 上诉成功后,学生将获得试用期,并有资格在试用期内获得联邦学生援助.

A student choosing to submit an appeal of his/her SAP review results may be requested to submit the following information to the 金融援助 Office:

  1. 书面解释妨碍他/她达到SAP标准的情况, 任何情有可原的情况的证明文件, and what has changed in his/her situation that will allow him/her to achieve satisfactory academic progress unless the situation was evident. The 金融援助 Appeals Committee reserves the right to request further information from the student to support information provided in his/her explanation.
  2. An academic plan which the student will follow to regain satisfactory academic progress.
  3. 如果学生改变了课程计划, 是否在努力获得多个学位/证书, or 研究生s and enrolls in a second degree and then reaches 150% of the credits required for the new degree (or primary degree/certificate in the case of multiple degrees/certificates), 学位审核或在线赌博推荐计划可以随上诉请求一起进行,并将对个人进行评估, 具体问题具体分析.


除非上诉被批准, a student can regain financial eligibility only by taking action that brings him/her into compliance with both the qualitative and quantitative components of the CCSNH institution’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. 如果经济援助接受者认为他/她达到了令人满意的在线赌博推荐进步标准, 然后他/她可以要求在学期结束时对他/她的SAP进行审查. If the student is found to be meeting both the qualitative and quantitative components of the SAP policy and to not have exceeded maximum time frame, 那么他/她的状态将被更新,以反映他/她达到了令人满意的在线赌博推荐进步标准, and the student will be eligible to receive Title IV financial aid the next semester.

包括哪些学期?所有的时间, even those in which the student did not receive financial aid, 是在不同的专业吗, 或者是
检讨的结果是什么?Satisfactory Academic Standing, Warning, or Suspension
警告对我来说意味着什么?Students who do not meet SAP standards will be placed on SAP warning for one semester. 被列入SAP警告的学生将在警告学期内保留获得联邦学生援助的资格.
警告期结束后会发生什么?At the end of the Warning Period, SAP standards will be reviewed. 如果学生符合SAP标准, he/she will once again be coded as making Satisfactory Academic Progress and will retain his/her federal student aid eligibility for his/her next semester. If the student is still unable to meet SAP standards, he/she will no longer be eligible to receive federal student aid at the institution until such time that he/she is able to meet SAP standards or has been granted Probation.
停学对我来说意味着什么?The student will no longer be eligible to receive federal student aid at the institution CCSNH学生资助手册 Last Update by FAUG 09/20/2023 Page 21 of 26 until such time that he/she is able to meet SAP standards or has been granted Probation
Is there an appeal process if my aid is suspended?Yes, please see the section on the Appeal process.
Can you regain financial aid eligibility once it has been suspended?Yes, please see the section on 重新获得资格.
试用期是什么意思??没有资格获得联邦学生援助的学生可以提出上诉,要求对该决定进行审查. If the appeal is granted, a student will be assigned Probation status. During Probation, the student will be eligible to receive federal student aid funding

If you are accepting federal loans for the first time at 在线赌博推荐, you will also need to complete the required MPN on-line at 和入学辅导 在线赌博推荐 will be notified electronically in approximately 48 hours.

Students who have received a federal subsidized, 无补贴贷款或PLUS贷款的学生每次入学时间低于一半时,都需要完成退出咨询, 研究生, 或者离开学校. Exit counseling provides important information on how to manage your student loan repayment, including your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.  

您将需要您的美国教育部FSA ID(这与您用于提交FAFSA的FSA ID相同). If you do not remember your FSA ID or password, you may recover these at by clicking log in, use email or phone and forgot my password. 这里将指导您重做密码.


  1. 点击“贷款还款”
  2. Click on “Loan 出口咨询” and Log In To Start


Financial aid can be used as an acceptable payment arrangement only if the FAFSA application for the current school year and all 在线赌博推荐 financial aid requirements are completed prior to the tuition due date. 核实你已经完成了所有的经济援助要求,并且你有足够的经济援助来支付你的到期余额, 请做到以下几点:

  1. Be sure that all of your financial aid requirements are met:
    • 登录你的 SIS
    • Select 金融援助
    • 选择 财政援助状况
    • 选择学校
    • 选择 援助年 您希望查看
    • If you have any outstanding requirements that need to be completed, you will see a message “你不满意 学生的需求 今年是援助年。” 显示. 点击链接查看需求.
  1. Verify that your 金融援助 will cover your tuition charges:
    • 登录你的 SIS
    • Select 金融援助
    • Select 奖提供
    • Select 援助年度奖
    • 选择学校
    • 选择 援助年 您希望查看
    • Select 奖概述
    • 向下滚动到 按学期划分的财政援助奖
    • 如果你获得了经济资助,你的资助金额将在这里显示. Deduct your estimated total amount of your award for the term from your tuition charges.


If you have questions about your financial aid, please contact our 金融援助 Office at (电子邮件保护) or 603-230-4013.

在线赌博推荐 is required to provide information published by the U.S. Department of Education to you any time information on loan availability is provided. If we enter into an agreement with you or your parent regarding a Title IV, HEA loans are required to inform you that the loan will be submitted to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and accessible by guaranty agencies, 银行, and schools determined to be authorized users of the data system.





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